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Proximity Marketing

An App for Android – to track & trace using Eddystone Standards.

Contact Less Menu

A Web App for restaurant business & eatery outlet to minimize customer interaction

Recipe Solution

A Web based aggregator app showcasing wide range of users recipe videos. Option for users to build their own website.

Safe Shopper

A simplified solution to manage users within indoor settings

BLE Web App

Map and Control your devices using BLE from a Web App.

e - Lifts

A mobile browser based interface with touch free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a technology agnostic company, we choose the appropriate technology stack based on the implementation.

We have our experts working across various timezones, so we always have the team setup for your local timezone.

We support all forms of customization, if you have a special need, we are happy to customize.

All our solution & services come with default 30-day free support. In addition to our various support packages which are determined by the License.

Schedule a free consultation with us. Alternatively, E-mail your questions and comments to the following E-Mail

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